How Cyclists Enhance Our Lives in Surprising Ways

By Adam Marsal

“They only live for cycling! Take into account how much time they spend on the road! Look how much money they waste on new bikes!” We heard these lies many times. For some people, dating a cyclist is close to a nightmare as they are afraid to get involved with a selfish monster, yet none of this is true. Real cyclists are friendly people with surprising skills developed from their passion.

Guys do not avoid housework like washing, hanging and folding clothes since they do it routinely with their cycling kit after each ride.

Travelling with them is a piece of cake because cyclists are masters of speed packing. Years of daily bag packing before leaving to work taught them to pack all items meticulously and not forgetting a single piece.

They became skilled technicians and self-taught servicemen able to fix whatever goes wrong. After solving a variety of technical difficulties with their bikes, they most likely crammed their garage with any available tools, gears and pieces of equipment that might come in handy even in the household.

A cyclist’s garage is a place of wonders. © Profimedia

They learned to refrain from complaining about foul weather because every cyclist must accept the weather as it comes, no matter if it’s pouring, hailing or the sun is beating down. Given that, cycling makes them hardened and resistant against the cold.

When someone experiences an unexpected hunger, they’ll most likely conjure a chocolate bar or some other snack up from nowhere to feed anyone around.

They are experts in map reading and masters of navigation, which makes them people you want to join for travels.

Accustomed to change in the lead of the peloton, every cyclist is aware of the fact that fair cooperation brings better results than individual effort.

Cyclists are skilled map readers. © Profimedia

They are barely lazy since cycling develops determination, endurance, resilience, and discipline.

They are aware of all detours, secret routes and road closures in the whole neighbourhood.

After a day on the bike, their metabolism burns alcohol like a jet fighter, making them lords and ladies of the pubs.

Bikers who build their own trails own shovels, spades, chainsaws or other heavy tools they are determined to use even in home and garden projects.

Trained in delicate bike handling, they are usually good drivers too because they had to learn how to ride correctly through the turns or find the ideal line to reduce the risk of skidding. A lot of time spent on the roads helps them estimate the behaviour of other traffic participants.