Why Are Cyclists Better Partners in Relationships?

By Adam Marsal

Sometimes, we need to negotiate our cycling trips with our partners to keep the relationship balanced. They could not have chosen a better man or woman to live with instead of a cyclist, though. Tell them convincing facts instead of clumsy excuses because cyclists are…

In good condition

Several studies conducted among seniors revealed that cycling makes them feel younger than they actually are. Cycling has proved to be beneficial to health in many ways like improved heart and lung condition, and blood circulation. It also increases muscle strength and flexibility, strengthens bones, and improves joint mobility, posture, coordination, and overall immunity. Isn’t it better to have a healthier and happier partner?

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Mentally balanced

Even though no recipe exists for ultimate happiness, most advice tells you to do sports or physical activities when looking for mental balance. Relaxation and meditation are the very next steps on the path to overall composure. Bicycling joins these two approaches in one, adding a lot of fun and excitement altogether. Due to regular sporting, cyclists get rid of inner tensions, which makes them more likely to solve daily problems with neither anger nor irritation. Studies proved that regular bike riding reduces stress, depression and anxiety.

Technically skilled

Even if we fail to solve advanced technical difficulties, bicycle maintenance is still something that enables us to solve many kinds of mechanical problems. On top of that, cyclists usually own a variety of tools and wrenches to fix failures of other machines or devices.

Willing to travel

As travelling is immanent from cycling, cyclists are natural-born explorers. The farther to go the better, and the same goes beyond the life on two wheels. Obviously, some of them focus more on themselves and their cycling goals, which makes them solitary fellows, but as soon as a cyclist gets locked in a relationship, most of them are likely to discover the world in pairs.

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Moderate pub visiting

Cycling creates a kind of addiction, which makes it tricky to stay away from it for a longer time. And so does drinking. Yet while excessive affiliation to beer or wine tippling indicates that someone is missing something in life with hangovers making it even worse, cycling is more life enhancing. Since cyclists already have their natural habit well developed, there’s a low expectancy of replacing it with a liquid substitute.

Likely to be faithful

According to psychologists, cheating on a partner is a reaction to getting bored and less excited in the current relationship. Even though some people are likely to cheat on their partners under any given circumstances, most of us stay faithful unless we get stuck in either emotional or sexual vacuum. Regular cycling raises the presence of natural happiness hormones in the blood, which make cyclists content with their life and, subsequently, with their relationships. As you might know, happiness is socially contagious and, therefore, if only one of the partners feels satisfied or cheerful, there’s quite the chance the other one will join. Moreover, regular cycling increases sexual libido, which means there’s no ultimate need to search beyond your own relationship, especially after long afternoon riders.