The Perks of Racing Virtually: 4 Cycling Games You Shouldn’t Miss

By Tereza Antonova

Nothing compares to that feeling a real-life race can arouse both in our mind and body. However, sometimes a ‘couch potato’ mood kicks in. Or there’s not enough time to get out, the weather is bad, and your knee hurts. Instead of wasting your time on polishing up more excuses, try some of our tips to ride from the comfort of your home.


Fancy a little downhill biking game you can be a part of? The Descenders game is still in the early-access version, which means that the current community of gamers has a huge impact on the way it’s further developed. But there is plenty of time you can spend with this game already. Join a team of your liking (Enemy, Arboreal, Kinetic), pick a bike, build your rep and enjoy the freestyle ride with control over the subtlest movements of your rider. Oh, and we heard there’s also a multiplayer update coming up!

Pro Cycling Manager 2018

This is a little something for those who, aside from the race adrenaline, like to manage, create strategies, and enjoy some time with accomplishing challenges. There are over 200 races to bruise your hands over with new features to have fun with. The in-race immersion is enhanced, with more aggressive AI during sprints – so hey, maybe you will bruise your legs as well? Whatever happens, you can always enjoy the management part of the game: hiring people is definitely fun as the 2018 version brings advanced contract and negotiation management.

Weird Bicycle Game

Do we really need to say more than the name does? Well, if we have to, this is some great and bizarre fun! Especially if you’re not sure what to do and your brain has a break at the moment. Just push and play the weirdest race. Obviously, you are riding a bike. Thing is, it’s getting faster and faster and there are dozens of cute teddy bears in the way. Do your best to dodge them. Or blow off some steam, up to you!

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Finally, something to look forward to. Lonely Mountains hasn’t been released yet, but already holds prizes such as the Best International Indie Game from Poznan Game Arena, or the Best Game Design from White Nights Prague. In mid-2019 we’ll be able to hop on our virtual saddle and make a (sort of cute) independent trip to lonely mountains, forests, and nature. All the features of mountain biking are promised to be included: do dare to jump, slide or race while enjoying the playful design of the game. As it seems from the previews, all the promises will be kept.