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  • robert-walthour-and-his-stunning-cycling-career

    You May Survive Motor-Pacing, But Beware of Your Wife

    To our understanding, as a cyclist, one needs to become aware of their inner adrenaline junkie and accept them. After all, the adrenaline rush is a welcome part of the cycling deal. However, there are those whose adrenaline addiction has taken over. Interestingly, these individuals…

  • the-best-cycling-stunts-would-you-dare

    The Best Cycling Stunts: Would You Dare?

    Is there anything more stunning than the sight of a man flying 20 metres above the ground, desperately grabbing at the safety gear which is his best bet of landing safely? No need for parachutes when you’ve got a bike.

  • racing-to-the-south-pole-by-bike

    Racing to the South Pole – By Bike

    In 1911, the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and the Briton Robert Scott engaged in a world-famous race to the geographic South Pole. Amundsen and his four companions arrived at the pole on December 14, five weeks ahead of Scott who died along with the four…

  • how-to-crash-as-safely-as-possible

    How to Crash as Safely as Possible

    With just a little effort, all riders can learn how to fall safely. Richard Gasperotti, a four-time Red Bull Rampage participant, will tell you the tricks.