Whether your two-wheeled companion enjoys a well-deserved (winter-proofed) rest in the garage or you’re both still out there facing the elements, the winter season holds a special place in every cyclist’s yearly schedule. It also features the (allegedly) most peaceful and joyful days of the year – the Christmas time. We’ll let you decide if that statement lives up to its reputation but let us treat you to something special. Yes, snow is all sparkly and cities look gorgeous decked in a flood of bright little lights, but we wanted a realistic take on things that would reflect the genuine winter escapades of a persistent bicycle rider. So we’ve created our very own Cycling Carol: Biking Home for Christmas and it’s our gift to all racers, commuters, BMXers, downhillers, roadies, MAMILs, bikepackers, and more – simply all of you, cyclists. Enjoy!


We wish you good health, exciting adventures, fewer punctures and torn bike chains, peace of mind, happiness, and courage for the upcoming season. And even though you might be hoping for a cycling gear under the tree, don’t be sad about all the ‘softies’ (such as socks, sweaters, and hoodies) you’re going to get, you’ll appreciate them cycling in sub-zero weather! After all, isn’t it better to just choose the kit yourself, given your distinctive, impeccable taste? Merry Christmas to all of you and get a good grip (on your handlebars)!

Feel free to share this video with your favourite cycling freak or even your whole riding group, you know they’ll get a kick out of it too!

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